Water filtering systems

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Many households get there drinking water from the own springs or wells, but also the public water supply comes from deep wells. They often have problems with „prohibited germs“ (Coliform germs such as Escherichia, Citrobacter, Enterobacter and Klebsiella). Natural water purification by means of ultra-filtration (0.02 to filter) makes the drinking water free from bacteria and legionella. This type of water purification will be the purification-technology of the future.

Legionella filtration is very important for hotels, swimming pools, hospitals and establishments with circulated warm water systems.

Table of content

  1. Clean Drinking Water is a Basic Right
    – Our vision
    – Our strong wish
  2. Pure Drinking Water is a Basic Right
  3. Befa-Ultra-Filtration-Systems
  4. BEFA Bacteria- and Legionellae Filter
    – Ultra-filtration
    – The effect of the BEFA-water-filter
    – The mode of operation of BEFA-water-filter
  5. Why should you choose to take a BEFA-Ultra-filtration system
  6. Cost – Benefit Calculation Comparison to UV Radiation
  7. Our Challange
  8. Catalogue

1. Clean Drinking Water is a Basic Right

Our vision:
All humans should have

  • clean drinking water
  • in sufficient amount,
  • in its most possible natural state and
  • as cost-efficient as possible to their disposal for an active and healthy life.

Our strong wish:
To provide clean drinking water to as many people as possible in the developing countries.

Therefore we adjust our BEFA systems exactly according to the requirements in the affected countries and can provide these people

  • cost-efficient and
  • simple
  • with healthy drinking water.

Because of this belief, we, as a company, have decided to support all aid organizations with 15 % discount on all models of our BEFA drinking water processing asset.

2. Pure Drinking Water is a Basic Right

The areas of application for our BEFA-ultra-filtration include the purification of

  • spring water,
  • well water
  • rain water
  • river- and lake water

microbiologically pure and equally clean drinking water.

Leading experts are declaring the type of water purification with ultra-filtration as the water purification-technology of the future. BEFA systems is taking already an active part in this technological future since five years.

Ultra-filtration systems from BEFA systems are:

  • cost efficient,
  • easy to handle,
  • low in maintenance,
  • very long lasting and
  • energy saving.

BEFA-bacteria-filter on the basis of ultra-filtration are also available in an electrically isolated (powerless) version.

3. Befa-Ultra-Filtration-Systems

  • BEFA systems is offering ultra-filtration systems and BEFA-bacteria-filter in Austria, Ukraine, developing countries such as Rwanda, Uganda, Nigeria etc. since more than 10 years.
  • We have made excellent experiences especially in supplying drinking water with water that was highly contaminated with bacteria and turbidity. We guarantee that immediately after a BEFA-ultra-filtration the water is 100% free of bacteria.
  • BEFA-ultra-filtration systems prove its strength especially in situations where various water purification systems loose their effect due to turbidity or cannot be applied at all.
  • The uniqueness of the BEFA-filter is its revertive rinse ability of this system. Thus this ultra-fine filter can be reset into its initial state. The disinfection of the filter can be made while being installed. This way the system can be operated self-sufficiently.
  • Due to the special construction of the BEFA-Bacteria-filter the durability of the filter lasts up to 10 years.
  • Allow us to tell you about in more detail about our unique purification system as well as its easy maintenance and cleaning by one of our water experts of BEFAsystems.

4. BEFA Bacteria- and Legionellae Filter

  •  is a membrane filtration with a pore size of 0,02 mµ (e.g. the pore size of flour is 26 mµ), a germ 0,3 µm, a virus 0,03 µm.
  • is being used in medicine and in the food industry for sterilization for more than 30 years for secure disinfection (e.g. for dialysis).
The effect of the BEFA-water-filter
  • Filtration of bacteria, legionellae and pathogenic germs in waters from wells, springs, brooks, lakes, cisterns and sewage.
  • We guarantee 100% bacteria-free water after applying the BEFA-filter.
The mode of operation of BEFA-water-filter:
  • water passes through the BEFA-filter, all dirty particles, turbidity, bacteria and pathogenic germs stay inside the filter. Purified water flows into the pipe. The purification happens automatically and time triggered.

5. Why should you choose to take a BEFA-Ultra-filtration system

  • Because of an absolute secure elimination of dirt particles, turbidity, germs, legionellae, viruses already in the first step of operation!
  • During heavy rain with lots of turbidity water supply with pure drinking water is always guaranteed.
  • Cost-efficient solution with simple maintenance.
  • Minimal current consumption, therefore it is equally applicable where limited current consumption is available (e.g.: emergency backup generators, photovoltaic, etc.)
  • Automatic cleaning intervals, therefore very low maintenance costs and high functionality credibility.
  • Uniqueness of the filter: it has a revertive rinse ability and can thus be reset into its initial state of its filter-performance almost always.
  • Thus very long-lived cycle of the filter modules: operating life (lifetime) of the filter modules approximately 6-10 years.
  • Massive cost-efficiency and thus low processing price per liter drinking water due to the long durability of the filter module.
  • Low loss of water: 98% of the water is being used as drinking water. Due to the cleaning-intervals there is only a loss of max. 2-3%.
  • 100 % free of germs and legionellae.
  • In contradiction to reverse osmosis: with the BEFA-ultra-filtration system stays the water natural, all minerals and salts stay preserved.
  • Combination of the BEFA-ultra-filtration and a chlorinedioxide- system (with low dosage according to govmntl. approval, where needed) or UV-radiation equates to the Trinkwasserverordnung (TWV), codex chapter B1.
  • The combination of ultra-filtration and chlorine dioxide-disinfection purifies respectively secures also the pipe system and prevents a revertive microbial contamination.

6. Cost – Benefit Calculation Comparison to UV Radiation

Power costs (price Austria)

  • BEFA 220 and 450 consumption for 10 years  € 24.40
  • BEFA 900 consumption for 10 years  € 95.80
  • Comparison: UV radiation: for 10 years approx. 1,000 Euro (Comparison BEFA 450 € 24.40 )  with 60 Watt system and with 100 Watt UV  1.533 Euro (comparison BEFA 900 € 95.80)

Maintenance costs per year

  • Disinfection 1 x per month approx. € 0.80 x 12 = approx. € 10 = 10 years  € 100.00
  • 1 piece for filter change in approx. 10 years  € 1,315.00
  • Comparison: UV radiation: for 10 years approx. 3000 Euro lamps  and maintenance (comparison BEFA-systems approx. 1,415.00 €)

Price per liter purest drinking water

  • € 0.0005 / liter (production of 2.000 liter/day)
  • With full use of the capacity of the filter the price
  • per liter cuts down by a tenth-part.

7. Our Challange

  • Natural drinking water purification through filtration.
  • Solutions with BEFA-ultra-filtration for germs and legionellae.
  • Integration of solutions in cases with impact of iron, manganese, nitrate, arsenic or chalk.
  • Reactivation of disused wells and springs while providing best microbiological security (and corresponding to the legal requirements acc. to TWV and the foodstuffs code chapter B1).
  • Natural purification, minimal usage of auxiliary energy.
  • Water and energy saving.
  • Integrity without compromises.
  • Autonomy of customers in the maintenance area.
  • Sustainability and conservation of all resources.
  • Drinking water reports, that correspond to the foodstuffs code and the TWV.

8. Catalogue

Please feel free to request our BEFA-Ultra-Filtration-Systems catalog – available in English, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese – under


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