Halal products


Table of contents

  1. What is Halal?
  2. BEFA – Certified-Halal-Chemical Products
  3. Halal not only for Muslims
  4. BEFA – Halal Projects

What is HALAL ?

HALAL means in Arabic „the permitted„ or „the pure “. In accordance with Islamic rite a Muslim may use not only food and cleaning agents as well as body care products and others, which are “ritually pure“ (tahir). Additionally the use must be permitted after Islamic right. Both aspects together make the product for the Muslim permissible (halal).

As ritually impure are considered:

  • Pork and all components of the pig
  • Sacrificial animals of other religions
  • Meat of dead animals
  • Meat of carnivorous animals
  • All products of animals, which were not killed after Islamic rite
  • Alcohol of any kind
  • Everything which is polluted or came into contact with the afore mentioned

BEFA – Certified-Halal-Chemical Products

In Austria, Islam is the third-strongest religious group, and in Austria alone over 500.000 Muslims lives their live, strictly according to religious principles. This is not only limited to nutrition and religious duties, but is also extended to food additives, packaging material, chemicals in cosmetic products and detergents. Muslims in Europe look for possibilities to satisfy their everyday needs according to their religion.

BEFA has developed, according to the needs of the Muslim group of buyers in Austria, Germany, France and Switzerland, where a the majority of the European Muslims live, as well as, for the Arababic countries, a product series of cleaning and toiletries, which are halal. These products are certified by a strict Imam, who verifies that the production of both the raw materials and the final products are in accordance with the religious principles.

Halal not only for Muslims

We know reservations from environmentalists, to animal experiments, we experience more and more that creativity is in demand by trade and industry for purely vegetable products, not only for wellness, but also in the sector of household cleaning and body hygiene.

BEFA found suppliers for all raw materials which are applicable and already supplied customers in Islamic countries with appropriate products. The certification by an authorized Imam guarantees continuous quality for environmently friendly chemical products from renewable raw material sources.

BEFA – Halal Projects:

  • Uzbekistan 
  • Azerbaijan 
  • Russia 
  • Syrien 
  • Kirgizstan 


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