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  1. BEFA Saunaoil-Cocktail
  2. Nature is our brand
  3. Usage of pure sauna oils

BEFA Saunaoil-Cocktail –
the modern, gentle household remedy for your well being

In the sunny nature we can inhale vital natural substances in ideal mixture and concentration. During the winter the sauna becomes our wellness and health island more and more .

In grandmothers times it was  camphor, that was used many various applications. Modern society has higher demands and wants to incorporate Asian herbs and ideas as well.

With a little experience and information given, nearly everyone is in the position to weigh the effects and side effects of welfare-promising flavour oils, available on the market. What is missing is: 

an individual custom-made health cocktail, that brings nature into the sauna .

To guarantee that saunaoils are  well tolerated by children and adults requires special purity during a very careful production. Then everyone can mix „his own flavour therapy “. The basis oils, which are being distributed by BEFA should provide careful inhalation and aid from the inside.

Nature is our brand

Example: Mixture helps against the effects of stress:

Fur leaf oil — tranquilizing and relaxing
Camomile oil and honey — against restlessness
Lavender and Melissa — against stress
Camomile, Lavender, Melissa oil — against inner restlessness
Anise, caraway, fennel — for a good mood
Melissa oil — helps with insomnia
Japanese mint oil — reduces snoring
Peppermint oil — helps with aching feet
Rosmary oil — warms you up
Juniper bery oil
— against aching joints

Lime tree blossom with  anise oil — against muscle cramps
Eucalyptus oil — against caughing

and many more, such as oils from

Mountain pine, lavender, myrtle, rosmary, Swiss stone pine, fir tree, lemon, oranges.

Usage of pure sauna oils

Do you really want to burn your high-quality oils in the sauna? Then pour themon the hot stones,  you get are a few coughs.

BEFA Saunaoils are dripped simply into a little bit of water and left in the warm sauna during the entire time. Then the active substances are dispersed slowly and without the loss of active ingredients into warming air, exactly just like in sun radiated nature.

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