Our mobile biodiesel machines have the advantage that they can be transferred from one production area to another and can be set up everywhere, i.e. on a patio or next to oily crop mills
The plant consists of a reaction vessel, heat exchanger,  catalytic converter, hot water boiler, complete pipe system including valves, a high pressure pump, framework and a control panel. It can be transported on a trailer or a small truck from destination to destination. You just need the following items to begin with your production:
•       Electric energy
•       Vegetable oil
•       Alcohol (methanol)
•       Catalyst


Type     Output performance Power Requirement
BEFA 100 100 l/cycle up to 15 cycles/day 6,5 kW
BEFA 300 300 l/cycle up to 15 cycles/day 12,9 kW
BEFA 600 600 l/cycle up to 10 cycles/day 18,9 kW
BEFA 1000 1000 l/cycle up to 10 cycles/day 18,9 kW
BEFA 2500 2500 l/cycle up to   7 cycles/day 24,0 kW


Open your own chemical plant on the market in 90 days