Mobile Water Filtration Station for catastrophe operation


Mobile BEFA Water filtering system

for catastrophe operations

100% Free of killer germs and 99% free of Viruses


The mobile water station BEFA 220 UF ultra filtration system

operates independently, is self-priming (integrated water pump) and has its own power supply. The station can be used anywhere, in rivers, lakes, boreholes cisterns, wells, and can also be used at catastrophe operations (flood, floods), where no power supply is available

From each turbid water to obtain by ultra filtration (through a 0.02 micron pore filter) potable water, with is  100 % free from bacteria, pathogen germs, legionella, turbid solids and 99% free from viruses (confirmed through report by AGES).

The mobile station consists of:

BEFA UF 220 Filtering system, Power unit (Aggregate), Pump station, Pre-filter, Power distribution, Electronic cabinet,  Lighting at two different places (by the mobile station and by spring or lake).


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