BEFA Water Ultra Filtration

BEFA Water filtering system

100% Free of killer germs and 99% free of Viruses

The most important food ‐ pure potable water ‐ from the own water supply!
But, water will be full of bacteria, legionella, pathogen germs, turbid solids and more!

With the BEFA Water Ultrafiltration System you keep the potable water 100 % free from bacteria, pathogen germs, viruses, legionella, turbid solids and 99% free from viruses

The result is a untreated, healthy potable water for the whole family!
All essential minerals and trace elements to be preserved in solution form


  • Self‐sufficient and independent of any public water suppliers
  • Disused wells and springs can be re‐activated
  • No interruption of the water supply during heavy rain or cloudy water …
  • Small entrepreneur to fill water in bottles and sell it

We are offering three sizes of  water filter systems for detached houses, terraced houses, apartment houses, public buildings, hospitals, kinder gardens, rest homes and many other buildings. For special situations (catastrophe operation) we offer a mobile station with an aggregate (for power supply), a pump station and the BEFA UF 220 Filter unit. 

Ultra filtration‐System with a flow rate up to 1.0 m3/ hour depend on the quality of the natural water (raw water)
for small central Potage‐water‐station
for detached houses, etc.

Filter surface: 2.2 m2

Ultra filtration‐System with a flow rate up to 1.5 m3/ hour
depends on the quality of the natural water (raw water)
Solution for a house with more than one water intake point
for farmhouses,
Apartment building, etc.

for boreholes,
water from river and lake.

Filter surface: 4.5 m2

Ultra filtration‐System with a flow rate up to 3.0 m3/ hour
depends on the quality of the natural water (raw water)
Potage water supply for larger objects (hospitals, public buildings, …),
water cooperatives, farmhouse with
strong water turbidity

Filter surface: 9.0 m2



BEFA Mobile Station 220
In our program you will find also a mobile water ultra filtration station for a special service. First of all for catastrophe operation,
but furthermore also for wells and springs, boreholes, lake and river, where no power supply is available.
The mobile station consists of:
BEFA UF 220 Filtering system,
Power unit (Aggregate), Pump station, Pre-filter, Power distribution, Electronic cabinet,  Lighting at two different places
(by the mobile station and by spring or lake)

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